Welcome to Fountain Manor. Whether you are acting for the buyer or seller of a property at Fountain Manor, these procedures will help you comply with the legal requirements of HOA neighborhoods and answer any questions from your client.

Please advise your client that before making any architectural or landscaping changes to the exterior of the property they are buying, the HOA must review the plans and grant their approval. No prior approval is needed for decorative or structural changes to the interior, unless plans call for any changes to the footprint of the property, such as extensions, additions or any changes to the roof.

New owners and residents will need the Fountain Manor Covenants and Rules and Regulations. But they may find the booklet “Living Together at Fountain Manor” clear and easy to understand. All of these documents can be read or printed from this site. Please contact Matthews Management at or call 336-691-0190 for more information and as soon as you have confirmed a closing date with the client.